With digital marketing, we make it easy to reach the people that matter most.

Our digital marketing services are designed to reach hundreds of thousands of people per month, easily. Whether in Bahrain or otherwise, we make sure that your message reaches the right target audience.

Great Strategy

Design without strategy is just decoration. We do not do decoration.

Intriguing Creative

You have 3 to 5 seconds to make a favorable impression online. Think fast.

Outstanding Results

We achieve results. Leads, sales, or exposure, we are confident in our abilities.

Born Digital, Still Digital.

For nearly a decade, we have advocated for the value of online advertising & digital marketing. A decade in digital marketing terms is a very long time. When we first started out, Facebook was king, and Instagram was treated similar to Snapchat or Tiktok, it was the “cool kids” platform. Now things are very different.

WCM Agency stands for Web Centric Marketing Agency, and we remain true to our name. We started offering web-centric marketing services including online advertising, digital marketing, search engine marketing, and social media services almost before anyone else in Bahrain. When we first started, we had inform our clients about the future value of digital, and we were right.

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Fast Results

Increase sales and exposure immediately. No need to wait when you are advertising online.

Full Plan

A complete strategy of execution and timeline at the start of the campaign.

Monthly Reports

Complete monthly report is developed and sent to you so you can see the full extent of the results. Metrics include reach, impressions, clicks and performance data.

Trusted by the biggest names

Our online advertising services are trusted by some of the biggest names, including BMW Bahrain, Maserati Bahrain, Dadhabhai Group, and more.

Helping you increase sales & exposure

Our digital marketing services scope includes almost all paid digital & online advertising channels including but not limited to:

Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Show up as the first result on Google for the keywords that matter most.

Google Display Digital Advertising

Banner advertising can be a powerful tool if it shows up at the right time, and to the right people.

Instagram Paid Advertising (Sponsored)

Our Instagram Digital Advertising campaigns outperform self-managed campaigns by up to 4x times for the same cost.

Facebook Paid Advertising

Facebook still has billions of users world-wide. Very effective, especially if you are targeting expatriates.

Youtube Banner & In-Stream Advertising

Those banners that show up on the top right corner of your screen on Youtube. Highly recommended! Very effective for strategic, brand-position and top-of-mind campaigns.

Twitter Sponsored Ads

Twitter is also a great alternative to facebook, instagram and many other social media advertising platforms.

Linked-in Paid Advertising

Target professionals, CEOs, CFOs and other specific job categories. Great for banks, automotive and high-end brands.

Snapchat Paid Advertising

The new frontier, less crowded with advertising than other channels, this new-ish platform can be a great addition to any successful campaign.

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