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Billboards are dead, it’s the era of Social Media.

Management & Design

We design and write posts daily, reply to comments on your account create profile engagement across your social media marketing channels!

Brainstorming & Content

Creativity is the name of the game. We draw up unique, interesting, catchy, and brilliant ideas that help you get noticed on social media.

Our Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing is here & it is not going away. Be where your customers are!

Our Social Media Marketing Process:

Every great Social Media Marketing campaign starts with a plan!

We are great planners and we pride ourselves in our ability to forecast social media Marketing behavior and analyze brand competitors. Therefore, this is the stage where we listen to what your goals are and formulate a strategy and content calendar to achieve those goals. This can include planning our special dates (labour day, Eid, and other occasions) and may include competitions and special posts to increase engagement. You will receive a plan and a full posts calendar detailing the content for the coming month.

Here is what you can expect at this stage:

  • Creative briefing session: where we sit with you and understand your needs and requirements
  • Strategy and content calendar: based on your needs, will develop a
  • Understand your business inside and out including: your product, your target audience, your goals, your tone of voice and more.

Working hard to achieve results!

Depending on the package you chose, our work can be divided into two segments: designing, and managing. Designing work includes taking those great plans developed in stage one, and realizing them into beautiful engaging posts, whether it be photos, or simple videos, you are sure to get compliments on your beautiful social media page. The managing aspect includes posting those designs, writing the captions, and including the necessary hashtags, as well as replying to comments and DMs.

What you can expect at this stage:

  • Designing beautiful posts (photos & videos) depending on your package
  • Writing the captions and including the necessary hashtags
  • Posting at the right time on the right channels
  • Replying to comments & DMs
  • Engaging with your social media community

Keeping an eye on the things that matter!

Our social media monitoring activities include daily and monthly monitoring. On a daily basis we check all the comments and DMs, look at our content and draw conclusions, as well as what the competition is posting. We follow trends and try to get in on them, and make sure your profiles are all up to date and in great shape. On a monthly basis we look at overall performance of the accounts and channels.

What you can expect at this stage:

  • Monitoring for all comments on all channels
  • Checking DMs and engagement rates
  • Reviewing account and competitors
  • Following trends and capitalizing on them
  • Communicating with you the progress being made

Measuring the great results of all the hard work!

At the end of the month, we compile and produce an extensive report detailing the activities and progress of the previous month. This helps both of us to produce an even more effective strategy for the coming month. The report includes statistics such as engagement rate, likes, comments, as well as a comparison between your social media page and those of your top competitors.

What to expect at this stage:

  • Comprehensive report of last month’s activities
  • Detailed analysis of key page metrics such as likes, followers, and engagement
  • Comparison of key metrics between your social media page and those of your top competitors.

Some of our Social Media Marketing work,
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Our social media marketing skills speaks for itself. We have enjoyed working with many of our previous clients such as Mawasim Restaurant & lounge, Seef Terraces, Adventure Hub and many more. And we are sure it will be a pleasure working with you too.

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